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The best roof vents don't just make your roof last longer. They help reduce your home's energy bills and make your house a healthier place to live. Therefore, you have to seek the advice of an expert roofer to get the best recommendations for a roof vent for your home. We've compiled a list of the best roof vents for your long island home. Let's dive in.

Which Type Of Roof Vent Is Best For My Home?

Generally, the most recommended is a ridge vent for exhaust and a soffit vent for intake. However, for a long island home that can't use ridge vents, box vents are the next best option for exhaust. In comparison, fascia vents can replace soffit vents. Your roof's vent varies depending on the shape of your roof and your home's style. Also, vertical ventilation is more effective than cross or horizontal ventilation.

Types Of Roof Vent

The different roof vent types are effective in their way.  Each of them has the primary task of either bringing fresh air into the home or removing stale air from your attic space.

If you want to benefit from proper ventilation, it'll be best to install both exhaust and intake ventilation. However, the design of some roofs supports just one. Some roof vents are:

Ridge Vents

These vents are mostly used as exhaust vents. They are installed across the peak of the roof and run across the whole span of your roofline. They are in a prime position to allow the hottest air to leave the attic space and have enough surface area to expel large amounts of hot air. They function perfectly in vertical ventilation.

Box Vents

This vent is otherwise called a louver vent. These vents are used for exhaust ventilation. They are akin to off-ridge vents in the installation process, as you'll have to cut a hole in the roof for the vent to sit over.

Box vents are installed in groups across the roof to add extra ventilation. So, using one or two box vents isn't enough for the entire roof. The most commonly used box vent is 18 x 18 inches. However, they are versatile and can be installed in smaller areas that require air ventilation, even though they have a small size.

Attic Power Vents

These vents, otherwise called powered attic ventilators, are fans propelled by electricity that help pull out the stale air from the attic space but at a high cost. They function as box fans placed in the window on a hot summer day.

This vent keeps the attic at a constant temperature, preventing extreme fluctuations in temperature from season to season. However, their power may not be powerful enough for the ventilation strategy, or they may be detrimental.

Gable Vents

These vents are mostly triangular made of metal, vinyl, or wood; and function as an exhaust system, but they are outdated. They use cross or horizontal ventilation to keep the air around the attic space. This vent is mostly used with a gable-style roof since it can be placed on each side of the home.

Unfortunately, these vents aren't effective on complex roof styles because peals, dormers, valleys, and other roof parts can hinder the cross breeze.

Fascia Vents

This vent type is majorly for roofs that don't have sufficiently sized eaves that fit the soffit vents. This vent is placed on top of the fascia board, directly underneath the starter row of shingles. Fascia vents allow the intake of air where the wind hits the roof, as opposed to a soffit vent that allows air to rise.


When looking for the best roof vent for your long island home, reach out to a professional roofing specialist before deciding. It's always necessary to get quotes from an experienced roofing contractor. If you need a new roof and would like to discuss which venting strategy is best for your home, we're here to help. Reach out to us at 70 Sunrise Highway, #500 Valley Stream, New York 11581 (516) - 252 – 3001 https://www.gafroofinglongisland.com/.

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