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Re-roofing is the quickest and least expensive route to renew your roof’s appearance. During roofing, a makeshift shingle overlay is deposited over your worn shingles to renew the look of your roof as well as give a defensive layer to help preclude leaks from getting inside your home. The foremost step is to contact a professional roofing contractor, they will set up an appointment with you to tread the roof and perform a roof survey. Once they complete the examination, they will give you possible results grounded on the damage they found on the roof.

Ways To Reroof A Flat Roof

Maybe you’re a fan of single-bias roofing systems, so you’re going to stick with that. And there have been refinements in single-bias since your last installation. No matter which roof system you presently have, you’ll always be suitable to take off it and install a new one.

Let’s say you did have that single-bias roof with a few leaks.  After an examination, it’s determined that 15 of the roof’s sequestration is saturated. A cost-effective option that some structure possessors don’t know about is roof coating restoration. This is done by installing high-quality, leakproof silicone over an existing roof. To repair a roof and it’s an EPDM rubber roof, a roofing contractor would identify where all the wet sequestration is and take off only those areas. They will replace the wet sequestration with new, dry sequestration and EPDM. Now they will prep the existing roof by power bathing the roof clean. They will also perform bonding tests to make sure the coating will stick rightly. Next, they will treat the seams since these regions are apt to leaking. Also, they will apply a certain viscosity of the coating to the entire roof.

If your flat roof is leaking, there isn’t a befitting slope to transport water to drains, there are openings in the membrane, and flashings around penetrations are not watertight. However, an option to reckon with is a spray foam roof, if any of these effects are happening to your flat roof. Because spray foam can rule out all three of the issues above. Spray froth can impact the proper slope and it fills in holes in the membrane. Over time, flashings begin to fragment down, lose adhesion, or turn cracked, which gives water an entry point into the sequestration. With foam being spray-applied, a contractor can spray over the top of the subsisting flashings and make it a part of the one-layer roofing system.

To confirm if your flat roof needs a repair or replacement, get in touch with a professional roofer or roofing company to do a thorough inspection of the building.

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