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Roofing contractors are practically a dime a dozen, Finding a roofer with good standards of professionalism, now those guys are rare and can take some time to find. There are plenty of cases wherein a homeowner or building manager finds out just how unprofessional their hired roofer is in the middle of a project and are then left with a bad roofing job or even worse, an incomplete job. If your home or building needs roof repairs or a new roof altogether, make sure the roofer you hire has the characteristics listed below to make sure you get your money’s worth from start till finish.

Practically all roofers will request for a down payment to cover the materials needed upfront. Several unprofessional contractors though will be asking for the full payment upfront. Be wary as there is no shortage of reports from angry homeowners who paid everything upfront only to have the roofer run off soon after.

Even if a roofer has no intention of running off with your cash, an upfront payment removes their motivation to complete the exterior project. Should a contractor ever request for full payment from the beginning, regardless of their reasoning, you should never oblige complete payment without any work even being done.

Lots of states require roofers to have a general contractor’s license and must also be bonded and insured. Contractors without licenses cannot legally offer their services. Exterior contractors that aren’t bonded and insured aren’t legally liable for compensating you for damages, stolen property, or injuries that occur during their roofing work. In our area, the big contractors will sport their license numbers all over their trucks. Most legit services have followed suit and now do the same.

Manufacturer’s warranties makes sure that the quality of materials used on your roof repairs in Long Island are reliable and of good quality. A contractor’s warranty on the other hand insures the quality of the contractor’s workmanship. There is a difference. When considering roofers, make sure you get both kinds of warranties. All reliable servicemen will have no qualms with both types of warranties.

The best way to gauge the quality and skills of a prospective GAF roofing contractor is to talk with the people who’ve seen their work firsthand; their past customers. The best exterior contractors with a history of quality work should have no issues with providing references that can satisfy their potential customer’s curiosity regarding their qualifications.

Companies with poor work records are more reluctant to provide references. If a prospective contractor gives out excuses for not giving numbers of references, it might be best to look for a different contractor.

Might seem obvious at first but there are actually more roofers operating out of their homes and do not have a permanent location of business. Home improvement services with an established customer base always have a good location nearby their target demographic. Whenever a contractor does not have a permanent location, it is easier for them to move to a different location should they so choose.

In conclusion, if you are looking for roofers that will make you feel like kings & Queens and can give you your money’s worth and put your roof back in good condition, make sure they have all the aforementioned qualities. It might take some extra time and effort, but improved chances of not wasting your money is worth it.


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