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Is GAF Roof System Warranty Worth It?
Dan Rose | March 30, 2022 | | No Comments

Great! You have decided to use a GAF shingle. Probably, you might have contacted a GAF certified roofing contractor near you for the big project. But beyond selecting the right GAF shingle and hiring a professional roofer near you for the job, how much do you know about GAF warranty? Is a GAF warranty necessary?

What Do The GAF Warranty Covers?

Aside from being every roofers’ and homeowner’s go-to choice of roofing material, thanks to their durability and aesthetically pleasing qualities, GAF roofing systems offer one of the best roofing warranties you can get out there.

GAF Limited Lifetime Warranty

A limited lifetime coverage means that the guarantee will remain valid for a long period. It remains valid as long as the original homeowner of the home where the GAF shingles were installed is still the owner. However, thanks to the Smart Choice® Protection Period, the original owner can now transfer this warranty to a second owner.

All GAF Roofing systems, by default, qualifies for the GAF Limited Warranty. This GAF remarkable warranty mostly applies to shingles and other materials installed on single-family houses—typically owned by individuals. Where other types of buildings like commercial buildings are involved, the warranty will only be for 40 years.

Types Of GAF Warranty

Typically, a manufacturer warranty offers protection from manufacturing defects, while a contractor warranty covers workmanship errors during the installation process. Although these two are separate warranties, GAF takes the game a level higher by bringing these two together.

There are different types or levels of GAF Shingle & Accessory Limited warranties. Understanding these warranties will give you a better idea of what GAF warranties cover.

GAF System Plus Limited Warranty

When your roofing system comes with GAF shingles and not less than three products, which are all equally installed by a GAF Master Elite® roofing contractor, then your roof will be automatically eligible for this type of warranty.

This warranty covers roof tear-off, provides wind warranty term of up to 15 years, provides an algae warranty of up to 25 years, and comes with a 50-year Smart Choice® Protection Period.

Silver Pledge™ Limited Warranty

The Silver Pledge™ Limited Warranty is just like the System Plus Limited Warranty. However, it adds a 10-year workmanship coverage.

Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty

This type of warranty covers everything found in the other two warranty levels, but instead of the ten-year workman warranty, it extends it to up to 30 years.

How To Register Your GAF Warranty

Beyond the question of how to register your GAF warranty, you should ask yourself, do you need to register for the warranty?

The simple answer is no.

Generally, you don’t need to register for any of the basic GAF shingle & Accessory Limited Warranty. All you have to do is always keep your purchase invoice close by.

However, you’ll be duly informed about other forms of GAF warranties that require registration by your GAF certified installer. This installer will also register them for you.

If you want a roofing system that will give you absolute peace of mind? Try the GAF system.

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