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How To Fix Blistering And Alligatoring Problems
Dan Rose | January 30, 2022 | | No Comments

Flat roofs are one of the best and most used roofs in both residential and commercial buildings. Its impact in recent years is worth the accolades.

Although it makes roofing easier and better due to its varied nature, it also has common problems. Some of the problems are Blistering and alligatoring. Blistering and alligatoring are some of the major problems you will encounter when using a flat roof.

Blistering is a process where there are bubbles between your roof membranes. Blistering usually occurs when air and pockets are hiding between your roof membranes. This can be an insignificant problem at first, but if neglected, it can become a major problem.

How then do you know that your blistering deserves immediate attention

  • When your membrane has cracked.
  • The blister is closer to the seam. If it gets any closer to the seam, the seam will open up.
  • The blister happened in a place where people thread well. That is, there is foot traffic.


How To Fix The Blistering Problem

Alligatoring, as the name suggests, is derived from the name, Alligator. Alligatoring is a roof condition where there are noticeable cracks on your roof, which draws a pattern. This pattern when looked at looks like an Alligator. This is why it is called alligatoring.

How To Fix Alligatoring Problems.

To fix alligatoring problems, you need to apply a new coating. But before doing that, there are steps you should take. The following are steps you should take before, during, and after applying the coating on your roof.

  • Get good quality coating and primer from a roofing supply store.
  • Before doing anything, you should clean the roof properly.
  • Get a broom or brush to pack the dirt, particles, and leaves into the dustpan. In fact, a scraper will work well in this case, but be careful so you won't damage your roof.
  • Then apply the primer to your roof. The primer prepares your roof to accept the coating that will come afterward. It also improves the adhesion of the roof coating to your roof.
  • Finally, you can apply the roof coating on your roof. You can apply it in whatever way; horizontally or vertically. But make sure it covers your roof membrane and protects your roof properly. While applying the coating, you should add strips of fiberglass mesh to it.

These are simple processes you can apply to fix your blistering and alligatoring problems. Although if you want a professional fix, you should employ the service of a professional roofer. They can also give you recommendations you couldn't have thought of.

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