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How Do Flat Roofs Drain Water?
Dan Rose | December 16, 2021 | | No Comments

Draining water is important in any kind of roof. This is to prevent problems like standing or pooling water, leaks, cracks, etc. Flat roofs, unlike other roofs, do not have the luxury and capacity to drain water by themselves.

If so, how then do flat roofs drain rainwater and precipitation? Although flat roofs are popularly known for the pooling water problem, they have a system that drains water. This system is called a drainage system.

When a flat roof is being installed, a drainage system is installed along with it so it can drain the water on your flat roof.

Most times, the reason flat roofs develop pooling water problems is that the drainage system developed a problem that affected the flow of water.

Types of Drainage System

There are 3 types of drainage systems namely:

  • Interior drains
  • Gutters and
  • Scuppers

Interior Drains

Although interior drains are usually found on large buildings, it is also used and suitable for residential buildings. It makes use of pipes and other interior systems to drain water from your roof.

The pipes are usually placed under your roof; precisely, at the center of your roof. Using this system has a high guarantee because the pipes don't break easily. Its aesthetics also serves as a good curb appeal for your building.


This is arguably one of the most used drainage systems in the flat roofing system. It is also effective for a pitched roofing system. It uses drain pipes or downspouts to divert water from your roof.

After diverting the water, it drains it through the pipes, then the pipes pass it to the ground. It is cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to use. But it has a problem: it needs regular maintenance. As mentioned earlier, one of the primary reasons for pooling water is a faulty drainage system.

Now, if gutters are not properly maintained, the pipes tend to get blocked by leaves, chunks of trees, etc, which affect the flow of water. And when the pipes are blocked, the water won't flow freely, which means the water will stay on the roof.

However, with proper maintenance, gutters are one of the most less expensive and effective drainage systems.


This is a big square opening in the outer walls that is usually along your roofing line. The openings enable the flow of water from the side of your building.

It can be installed alone or installed with drain pipes. Installing alone is usually more effective than drain pipes due to the backlogs of drain pipes. But drain pipes usually add to the aesthetics of your building. Without drain pipes, it is easy to maintain and cost-effective. But with drain pipes, you will face the same problems you have with gutters.

In conclusion, unlike other roofing systems that drain water, flat roofs drain water through drainage systems. To get more information about the best drainage system for your building, you should contact a professional local roofer in your area. Or contact Royal Roofing and siding long island at 70 Sunrise Highway #500 Valley Stream, New York 11581, 516-252-3001

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